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J2 Services is a locally owned and operated company founded in 2013.

With their extensive background in Real Estate, Customer Relations, Management & Sales, they’ve worked with several trusted Vendors specializing in different fields.


Before starting J2 Services, they’ve had to spend hours coordinating different services for their personal properties & businesses. The amount of time and energy wasted in ensuring everything gets done promptly was not only stressful, but expensive. They realized that good help was difficult to find, but the lack of communication with the different Vendors was baffling.


After years of making personal connections with different Vendors, they’ve developed a work relationship, building an honest and reliable team.


At J2 Services, we provide peace of mind to all Home Owners, Tenants, Realtors, Property Managers & Business Owners.


Professionalism, communication and respect of your property is something you can rely on working with J2 Services.


Contact us today & consider us for all your home maintenance needs whether it be a simple repair, installation job, cleaning, moving services, or pest control services. We ARE your one stop shop!


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